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Rules for Submission
Add URL or WEB SITE to the South Georgia Directory

Why should I link to the South Georgia Directory ?
The South Georgia Directory is one of the 1st dedicated South Georgia Directories. The directory will be very well placed in the major search engines for 'south georgia', 'georgia outdoor', etc and will regularly have a very high number of unique visitors, all looking for products and events having to do with Georgia outdoors, and this is where you can help us and more importantly yourself.

What do I need to do ?
Member sites must display a banner or text link to "The South Georgia Directory" to qualify for a FREE listing. You will need to place this banner or text link on your site before submitting your details. This must be on the homepage or a page which is directly linked from your front page. Failure to do so will result in your companies details and URL being removed from 'The South Georgia Directory'. If you do not wish to display a reciprocal link you can pay a small fee, currently about $25 per year to be listed so you can still benefit from our large number of visitors.

When will the Georgia Directory be active?

The scheduled rollout is December 1, 2005.

What if I don't have a website?
If you don't have a website we can design and /or host one for you.  We will design a professional multiage website for as little as $175.00 and host it for you for $18.95 per month including a domain name. Contact us for details. If you don't want a website we will still list your details and contact information for $25 per year.

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How are the Web Sites listed ?
Membership is divided into two categories - Full and Associated Members. The Full members are listed above the Associated members and to become a Full member will cost $100 per year provided you link back to THE Directory.

We also reserve the number 1 slot for the Supreme Member and also positions 1-3 are reserved for Super Members. Paid Sponsors have a link on every page.

What can I expect from my listing ?
As people will be searching the Georgia Directory specifically for Georgia related events products you can feel assured that all these visitors should be interested in your products if they click through. (THERE is NO CHARGE for this). You can add a detailed PROFILE of you, your products and as to why they should choose you and this will further enhance your response.

How long will it take for my site to be listed ?
Usually within 48 hours (subject to weekends and holidays). All you need to do is to add a link back to Georgia Directory (if you have not selected the inexpensive paying option) and then add your site using the form on this page

What type of sites are eligible ?
As this is a Georgia Life related web site then only sites linked to Georgia. Businesses not in Georgia but doing business in Georgia are appropriate. If you don't fit in these categories please do NOT submit your details as they will be declined. This is for the benefit of all the Georgia Directory members as it is very important to keep the theme of the site focused and this will help all the sites on the search engines.

The Georgia Directory and South Georgia Outdoor Life is a discretionary service and is not provided as a right or under contract. We reserve the right to reject the application for a listing at our complete discretion and without any liability to you, and to withdraw the service at any time. We will of course refund any money paid in this instance. We will use reasonable endeavors to make occasional changes to the content of your listing, and in this vein it is essential that you keep us informed of any alterations to your site. Your FREE site description should consist of no more than 50 words. If it does, the editor reserves the right to edit to a sensible size. You may request the removal of your company details and URL at any time by emailing us and allowing ten working days notice.

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A Biography of Abraham Baldwin 1754-1807
Baldwin was born at Guilford, Conn., in 1754, the second son of a blacksmith who fathered 12 children by 2 wives. Besides Abraham, several of the family attained distinction. His sister Ruth married the poet and diplomat Joel Barlow, and his half-brother Henry attained the position of justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.......

Georgia's Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Guide Discover Georgia's beautiful parks, wildlife, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, coast and islands, Civil War and historic sites, gardens, trails, festivals, and other fun places to visit. Whether you are going out for a day or vacationing in Georgia, this site is full of outdoor recreational ideas and maps at your fingertips. Relax, browse around and get ready for good times in Georgia.

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